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I Love U my Father….^_^

I Love U my Father….^_^
(when my father ask me, how about your improving English?)

According me, my father is the best.
Many article that i`ve read about mother…yes, I know all the people in the world love their mother very much than their father. This mean, if some one must choose which one the most be loved? I think, all the people sure to choose their mother.
And Rasulullah said like that too. Who first??? Your mother….Who next??? Your mother….Who next??? Your mother…And then???? Your father.
But, Father is number one too. Because of father, I can see the world. Because of father I dare to fight in living.
My father always support all my activity, my ambition, and soon. My father always give advise for me, that I must dare to face all problem. When I was child, my father always told me to braved speak in front of all people. And now, what my father said that very usefull for me.
I come from modestly family. My father only a public relation, especially teacher. But now, my fathers job is Headmaster of one of agriculture School in Kocan-South East Aceh. Ya..my life so far from my father,but every day my father always call me.
Ask about my study, how about my improving English (this is special question from my father) because my father one of people who care with English language.
I know, from his youth, my father like English very much eventhough he does not join in English department. So, now, he wants all his child can speak English.
I like my father. Father….love you so much^_^ YOU are The Best Father!!!!

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