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ComeOn!!!! DesCriBe YouR AmbitioN

ComeOn!!!! DesCriBe YouR AmbitioN

If someone ask me “What your great ambition in your life???”

Ough….that is simple question, but need long time to answer it. Because I have very much ambition in my life. I will describe my ambition ane by one, not only in the present but also in the future too.

In this blog, I don’t describe all my ambition, because too tired if I write it all.

Ok, one of my ambition is go out of Aceh, and alhamdulillah I can reach that. Eventhough not all of Indonesia. I went to Medan just two times, but I`m very happy with that. I went to Jakarta just one time, but I`m very happy with that. I went to Semarang, Solo, just one time, but I`m very glad about that.

Now….i have one ambition to go out of Indonesia or go abroad….hehehhe….I hope you all as reader can give pray to me that I can reach all my ambition…Amin…!!!!

Don’t forget ok!!!!

My other ambition is to be a best designer. Whatever. Web designer,T-Shirt designer, Billboard designer, Cover book designer, bed cover designer,and soon….I like designing very much because I like drawing. I like all about art, I like all of colour, I like mixing that.

I like living in the erth because earth has very much colour…..^_^

I`m happy live in khatulistiwa!!! Because khatulistiwa give more colour.

Oke, that are part of my ambition…I hope, you all will leave the comment for this writing in my blog. ^_^

Thank you very much!!!!

Arigato Gozaimasu (Lho????kok Jepang???hehhehehe….)

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