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AboUt TwiNNinG ProGram^_^

" Twinning Program????what is that?????" That is my father comments when I tell about twinning program. Twinning program is twin program intended is twin here is in two universities and two country. Students who has choosen to joint forces with twinning program when taking end project will be sent to USM ( University Sains Malaysia) to finalize their project . So, when passing later she will get college degree from two universities that is Syiah Kuala and USM, it is happy,isn't it????

But, in this Twinning program, schoolarship that is gave not full, only for living cost, whereas for studying by ourself.

So…for us who has joined in this twinning program obliged to have blog person that is later must be filled with various activity that we have and various story.

There will be watcher from majors seeing to up date our blog, because blog must in up minimum once a week.

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